Acquaintance and impression.

Our guest  Olga Shtepenko about visit to the kids.

“Visiting the kids was a real pleasure and although it coincided with school holidays with many left. I was pleasantly surprised how children treat each other and friendly atmosphere in general. The most exciting element was to see different age groups joking and laughing as if there were no age boundaries. Sharing some treats together and talking about different places in the world, wildlife and the environment seemed to be mutually enjoyable experience which culminated in some deeper discussions about how to protect our precious environment and the importance of individual responsibility and accountability for how we live and our attitudes. In resonance with the topic teenagers were keen to share their inspirations for studies after the school including sociology, philosophy which I thought is pretty ambitious.  I’d certainly encourage kids to trust their inner voice and strive to achieve self-realisation. “ 

Thank you very much  to Olga Shtepenko.

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