Our meeteing with children from Bogodukhov's orphanage

After short separation we returned to the children from the Bogodukhov's orphanage boarding school. All the children ran to us, they gave us a very warm and hearty welcome. Happiness overfilled us; we had missed them very much. As always we try to introduce new people to the children. This time we invited the representatives of TM "Mivina", who told children about their company, presented them with new football balls and other products of their company. Proceeding on social topics, Natalya Andreevna and I talked with the children on the topic "Power of will and goal achievement". This topic is important to everyone and especially to those children who have lots of difficulties in the boarding school. But they have to show great perseverance when they enter the independent life, after they finish of with the boarding school. At the end of the meeting we gave them presents too.

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