Our visit to the orphanage "Harmony"

And again we visited the orphanage "Harmony". We were not alone, but together with our friends Anastasia Bruyeva and the students from Uganda Stephen Karuta and Frank.
We started with an interactive class dedicated to the topic of "Friendship". We played short stories together with the children. Taking part in short plays, not only helps to analyze the character's actions better, but also helps the children cope with stage fear and show their skills.
The stories told by Steve and Frank were a good addition to the class.
Steve and Frank taught the children songs in English and sang them all together excitedly. Anastasia's performance wearing the costume of Harlequin was a perfect ending of the evening.
All the cheering songs of hers cheered the audience up and gave a great amount of positive energy! Not only the children, but also the tutors, enjoyed singing along with Anastasia! Nobody could sit still and everything ended with dancing.
We took several pictures as a keepsake of this remarkable meeting. Then the children had dinner and found a present at the canteen - three boxes of berries!

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