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We are happy to greet you with love and hope.

Do you know that there are thousands of children in Ukraine left without parents? Children get into orphanages not only because their parents are dead, alcoholics, use drugs or very poor, but also because parents being cold hearted don't want to take care of their children!

The most important is to help children find a family. Instill family relations skills. 
Adjust to life outside the orphanage. Make children feel somebody needs them, feel warmth, care and love. 
Attract attention of kindhearted people with free time and certain knowledge they want to hare to the problems of orphans. 
Develop creative abilities. 
Give happiness of communication and meeting new friends both to grownups and to children.

And together we can help these children by making their life more sweet.

You'll ask how can I help the orphans?
You can open your heart to the orphans who need you.Give them care. Just listen to them.

Any help from you will be accepted and highly priced by the children

We work not only with orphan children but also with children from other social groups.

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