Now we are helping Kharkоv residents with evacuation, and also helping those who stayed in Kharkоv!


Look around - there are many orphan children. These children do not have parents.

There are also many children who do not have proper parental care because of different reasons. Among those reasons there are various negative addictions such as drug dependency and alcoholism. Also, some parents are in prison. Finally some parents are “extremely busy” and do not care about their own children. That's how social orphans emerge.

In problem families the children often undergo humiliation and violence from adults. Therefore some children run away from their homes, live in the streets, sleep in cellars or get into orphanages.

But orphanages are not quite able to prepare children for independent life, to supply them with proper knowledge which is so important in our complicated life.

We as members of civil society are obliged to take care of these children. Because they are our children and it's them who will define the shape of our future.

We as “Orphans of Kharkov” Society's members and others who care about the destiny of orphan children are trying to teach them how to act in various life situations, to help them realize the complexity of human relationships and laws of cohabitation in the society. We help them develop a sense of responsibility and to become motivated for self-improvement.

I grew up in a family, in the atmosphere of understanding and kindness. My parents are happy in marriage, therefore I have no lack of care myself. But these children have no idea what family is. Or they've seen it the way it should not be.

The children call their orphanage the “incubator”. And that is a very accurate comparison. Just like a chicken in incubator they do not know their mothers and after birth they've been cared for by somebody else.

In orphanages there are many children and each and every one of them is in need of attention and care, which have not been provided by their parents.

We help orphan children and youth within our power. And you can do it together with us!

These are our children, because during the years of our
become ours.


We are thankful to children for their friendship and joy of communication. We wish you could also find out what they are like, OUR CHILDREN!                                                                                    

Oleg Abornyev


One of the most important goals of society is overall development of the human being as a person. Therefore we need to take into consideration five aspects which are vital in life of every person such as:
1. Social
2. Physical
3. Spiritual
4. Intellectual
5. Emotional
All of us need to pay attention to each of these components, especially in the early stages of our life.
And it's important to do not only for orphan children, but for all youth.

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