SEA CAMP 2016!

Through help of our friends: Terry and Susan Galvin,  Dave Perry , Irina Beregnaya , Natallya Kozub , Oksana Nikitina.

All the children were by the sea for the first time!  In summer camp the children were able to enjoy a swim in the sea, to recover health, to get a full 5-time meals, to join in sport and  healthy lifestyle,  to do crafts with their hands, to get the  base skills of communication and some learned to swim, thanks to our efforts. And most important, the children were listeners and active participants during lesson time!

   The camp was organized for ten people.           

We have organized our camp on the territory of children's camp, where were children not only from ordinary families, but also from orphanages and disadvantaged families, many of them were actively involved in our activities. We were very pleased to it all.

In addition, I was asked to hold two general camp presentations  about  sport, healthy lifestyle, faith, and other important topics.

The bad example is served in many families of children, so it is important that during our camp,  concepts of discipline and teamwork were planted to the children, we have reviewed and discussed the great examples of heroes.  They immersed themselves in the atmosphere of  friendliness, respect, understanding, sociability and love that they are in need of home!

We are very pleased that this camp had such a positive effect, which we plan to fix at our meetings with children.

We thank all our friends and volunteers for the fact that the camp took place!

We sincerely hope that the seeds, which were sown in the hearts of children, will grow up and will bear positive results!  


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