For so many years we were glad to participate in a summer camping in the Crimea.

Due to the complicated situation caused by military actions the official number of Ukrainians who had to move from the Autonomous Crimea Republic and Sevastopol city to other regions of Ukraine has reached 17 836 people, and from Donbass Region – 238 235 people. A lot of escapees have come to our region. The official number as of today is 80 172 people from Donbass Region and 841 from the Crimea. In fact, the real to life number of escapees is much higher.

As for the orphans, 1 508 children have been evacuated from the stated Regions as of today. Still, 119 children are in Krasnodon and Reven’ky boarding schools, as they stated in a report.

Thousand hundreds of people including orphans had to leave their sweet homes and now they reside in our city.

Our city is located most closely to the war zone, where all military actions are now conducted.

Therefore, this summer we as many other charity organizations have supported escapees with all our efforts. We will continue providing the support as much as we are able.

We are a kind of a bridge connecting the escapees with needs to those who have desire and opportunity to support them. Thus, thank to our cooperation with organizations and private parties, we managed to support in terms of housing, food, cloths, children goods (baby carriages and napkins), etc.

We may even say that our slogan is the one of the famous brand “Connecting People”.

Economical situation has worsened much due to the war, which made increasing the number of people with lower living standards.

The same time the war is the reason for new orphans appearing.

That is why this year the number of such children has grown in our city.

And that is why the meaning of our project has grown more!

Of course, we are not able to support everyone. Still with your help and God’s favor we will support as much as possible those, who happened to be in a complicated life situation.

This September we wait for our children to come, but we also plan new projects, which you will soon find on our web page.

We are grateful for your hand! Having a lot of strength we start the new school year!

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