Graduation  - 2013

The farewell bell rings and this means that the school year is gone. This is the summer holidays coming now.

For those graduating the bell means that this is the start of their independent life with many changes and unexpectedness.

We congratulate all graduators of the year 2013. But we are mostly happy for those students graduating from the general education orphanage #8 of the I-III degrees, where children with poliomyelitis and cerebral palsy effects stay. The farewell bell means they have become adults now.

Dear graduators! We wish you strong health, a lot of success, and be winners!

Kids, who will continue their education in the school, have received presents from Lubbock Christian University's choir. These are techniques allowing children tell us louder about their new achievements.

The biggest happiness and the most desired award for teachers and for us, in particular, is that children stay good in adult life and reach their goals. And we do hope that all knowledge obtained in the school and during our lessons of social growth will be their advantage.

Fare thee well, dear graduators!

It will be a journey to new life!

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