Forgiveness and happiness.

Offence in our hearts may destruct our relations, lead to inconsiderate acts, cause stresses, possess us, and even make us ill! So what do we do then? We have to forgive. Forgiveness destresses all collected offences, restores ruined relations, and makes us happy. That is why we have discussed “Forgiveness and happiness” topic. We have told children a story of a homing son and forgiving father to illustrate the topic.

Each of them with an offence in their small hearts had a chance to get rid of it at once. All our offences we have put into a big black bag and thrown it away, escaping the load that made us stressed. And the happiness was represented with multicolored balloons.

Forgiveness makes us happy, but it can also make a forgiven person happy as well.

When our heart is full of joy, we feel a need to share it for no reason in particular. “For no reason” that was a cartoon shown to kids and then discussed jointly with Oksana, our volunteer. With a positive mood we have continued preparing funny sweet crafts, which we have then shared to each other.

We are grateful to everyone who brings joy to children, for no reason: Oksana, Olga Sigora, and everyone who has participated in our project.

The best present for us is that happiness coming on faces of kids!

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