IT for children.

Together with representatives of the company TEAM International,
Inc. we visited children in the shelter "Harmony". Due to the company
TEAM International. children got to know what is internet
and how it works, understood that it is a great source of knowledge
and had a look in Wiki. They learned about dangers that they can meet
in internet and how to protect yourself. We traveled around different
places of the world with the help of web-cameras and Google maps. Also
thanks to our friend from USA, Janice Polk, children learned a lot of
interesting information and visited her home virtually.
Due to internet children could talk with Chris Bryant and his funny dog Ripley from USA by Skype.
At the end of the meeting children received gifts from the
representatives of the company TEAM International. - books,
table games and writing materials, as well as some presents from Janice Polk .

It was an unforgettable journey for children in the amazing world of
internet. But the most important thing is that children understood
that they are not alone, goodness of the human hearts and wish to help doesn't
have borders and distance is not an obstacle if you want to give

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