What goes around, comes around!

Finally the summer came. When I was a child I often went to the grandfather's house in the country. Each morning grandfather brought fresh berries, fruits and vegetables – the harvest from his land. He was very pleased that he could treat me to what has grown on his beds. He treated his "creation" very carefully and lovingly, put a lot of work and it delivered benefits. The grandfather could achieve amazing results and this caused the envy of his neighbors. The neighbor inherited his land. It was a good plot, but the neighbor did not care about it and his good plot quickly turned into a hotbed of weeds; the wind spread their seeds around the neighborhood.

The neighbor was over fifty, and he lived off his parents' savings. He also drank to excess and often made a fuss with his wife and others.

The neighbor just did not want to work and only envied the success of others; that was his way of life.

Soon he sold his plot, the new owner quickly brought everything in order and planted fruit trees there. A few years later fleshy tasty fruits appeared on these trees.

Let us look into our hearts, what is growing there today? This is anger and the desire for conflict, which grow and lead to wars. Otherwise we have peace in our hearts and the desire to do good.

Do we know how to abstain from what becomes a bad habit destroying us?

We all want to be surrounded by people with good character and positive qualities.

Let us not allow the bad qualities to grow like a weed in our hearts, and we will cultivate good and useful qualities that would deliver us benefits.

And let people around us look and wonder, how do we can do it?

That's what we talked about with the children at today's meeting, and then Irina taught the children to draw a still life of fruit – it was the perfect complement to today's topic!

Also today, Bohuslava received as a gift.

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